Calculates typical years for any location worldwide
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Provides a global climate database with details gathered from over 8000 weather stations. It simulates climate change using the IPCC scenarios, calculating extreme years to test design limits. Data can be imported from satellites or measurement stations.

METEONORM is a software tool that allows you to access data about solar radiation and other weather parameters around the world. Although the program has a straightforward interface, the correct interpretation of the data provided depends on knowledge well beyond being able to use the software.

Luckily, you can easily configure the program if you follow a series of steps suggested by the wizard. First, you need to pick the desired locations from those available. Second, you should decide on the data source and the way to process the information. Third, it is necessary to set the calculation methods, including radiation and temperature periods, with the possibility of adding scenarios for future periods.

Fourth, you can set the output formats from a wide range that comprises not only Meteonorm data but also Building Simulation, PV, Solar Thermal and General Use. What is more, you can even customize the output format to your specific needs. Finally, you will be presented with the results, including graphs portraying such meteorological parameters as daily temperature, radiation, temperature, precipitation, sunshine radiation and daily global radiation. Likewise, you can also visualize the exact figures from a table and export these results to disk.

METEONORM is not only a software program but a meteorological service as well. As a result, the quality of the data depends on the reliability of the service. In this respect, you should know that METEONORM is widely recognized as one of the leading services of this kind in the world and used as a standard for solar energy simulations.

In this regard, it offers more than 30 meteorological parameters collected over several years. It receives weather reports from a wide network of more than 8000 ground meteorological stations around the globe as well as five geostationary satellites. However, there have been concerns about the methods used to model data as well as the uneven distribution of the stations.

All in all, METEONORM is undoubtedly a great source of data for all kinds of activities that require evaluating meteorological parameters, such as architecture, cooling systems, agriculture, forestry and others. It also has the advantage of being quite affordable; yet, there are other similar tools available and it is always a good idea to check what is best for you.

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  • Multiple parameters
  • Huge data collection
  • Modelling of future scenarios
  • A wide network of meteorological stations and satellites
  • Affordable
  • A standard for solar energy simulations


  • Unevenly distributed meteorological stations
  • Concerns about the modelling methods
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